Manavgat Boat Trip


Manavgat Boat Trip

Dont miss the bazaar in Manavgat which takes place twice in a week. Especialy its traditional part, where Turkish farmers sell fruits and vegetables. Turks are the masters in the forgery so on the clothes department you can buy original clothes from Adidas, Nike etc. The bazaar is really big so be careful not to be lost there. And dont forget to bargain, its really a necessity in Turkey.
Manavgat boat trip - it stops along the way for swimming and sunbathing - lunch on board the boat - and a couple of hours at the very colourful market day in Manavgat where all the Taurus mountain ladies come down for the day to sell their fresh fruit and veggies - as well as fake designer T-shirts, shorts, jeans and handbags. 
- Depart Side Harbour and sail to Manavgat River
- Break for swimming either at the sea or river
- Visit to trout farm at the river
- River turtles at Manavgat river
- Manavgat waterfall 
- Free time to visit Manavgat public bazaar
-Although the Manavgat Waterfalls are not high, milky white, foaming water rushes powerfully over the rocks. Next to the waterfalls shadowy tea gardens and restaurants make this place a pleasant, cool


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Contact Us +90 252 4134601 /+90 544 4550006

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